Realm is a Play-2-Earn resource management game where you strategically utilize your NFT Leaders to save the world from devastation. Players will collect resources, unlock regions, earn RLM Tokens, level up their realm and much more.

Early Access

Want to play Realm? Well it's almost time to kick off our Early Access rounds. We had such a positive response from our Beta rounds that we cannot wait to bring you the next phase of Realm. on the 26th Jan 2022 at 10.30pm UTC we will be rolling out Early Access in 4 stages. Each stage introduces new functionality as listed below. And if that's not enough, players will also be able to win prizes from contests we set throughout the stages.

Stage 1

Main game functionality restored and improved. Introducing the new Research Lab, Training Facility with Helper integration and all 6 regions available to be unlocked.

Stage 2

This is when Realm truly becomes a Play-2-Earn game, when we introduce the functionality to claim RLM earned in-game.

Stage 3

Time to put your hard earned RLM to work in-game! You can now use RLM to purchase things like boosts, speeding up training and upgrades, plus much more.

Stage 4

You will now have the ability to purchase NFT's in-game including, but not limited to, Helper NFT's.

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Not your typical NFT

Your Leaders will come to life when you use them to strategically build a team in the epic game Realm

The Game

Realm is a resource management game where you strategically utilize your NFT Leaders to save the world from devastation. Collect resources, unlock regions, build up your in-game RLM Tokens, level up your realm and much much more.

Leaders and Rarities

9 unique Leaders (and more to come in the future) all providing different strengths and powers that can be used in Realm. Leader rarity is measured on a star scale ranging from 1 star for the base level to 5 stars. A limited supply of Platinum rarity Leaders have now been released which cannot be blended to.

Blending and Levelling Up

Realm allows you to combine 3 Leader NFT’s of the same level to create 1 Leader of the next rarity level (e.g. 3 x 1 Star General cards blend into 1 x 2 Star General card). You can use your RLM Tokens in-game to level up your Leader. Adding to your leaders’ value via rarity blending and levelling up provides limitless possibilities for market value of your NFT’s and advancing your realm game.


Realm allows you to play-2-earn RLM Tokens. RLM tokens will be used for a variety of function in Realm including: speeding up upgrades and training, levelling up Leaders, unlocking functionality and more to be announced. Check out our whitepaper for more details.

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RLM Salaries

It's time to put those Leaders to work! Every Thursday at 11.30pm UTC we'll be taking a Salary snapshot and accounts will receive their RLM Salary within the following 24hrs (check out our whitepaper for more details on this). This will be a weekly occurrence until Realm goes live. Find your account in the list below to see what your Leaders are currently earning.

The Roadmap

Beta's, P2E!!, pack drops and much more. The future is bright and exciting for Realm.

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